1. Web site protection

    Web site protection

    We are introducing a new service for sites protection from DDoS and simply for demanding resources: Antiddos cloud. This service allows you to keep a certain effectiveness of protection against DDoS Pro-Managed, while repeatedly increasing the peak power for the same money.

    In fact, you get many dedicated servers that work together, and each of them is equipped with a proprietary system protection against DDoS Pro-Managed.

    Installation Free
    from $33*
  2. Net services protect.

    Net services protect.

    Any popular application, published on the Internet, requires good protection against DDoS. It is natural that different applications generate different traffic, and it is impossible to separate legitimate traffic from malicious one by the standard rules of protection.

    Our company is engaged in the development of protective schemes for any projects, and, depending on the task, we can organize the training in the field of the protection of your application, or organize the complex protection of your project perimeter.

    Installation Free
    from $85*
  3. Protection of Games

    Protection of Games

    Game services require special care protection from DDoS, because traffic should pass through the filters without any delays, the legitimate packages should not be lost, and the gameplay during attacks should not be interrupted.

    To cope with the work on the separation of traffic volume with such strict requirements is beyond the power of the antiddos companies without a strong system of protection. For this reason, there are only few companies that are successfully involved in the games protection from DDoS, but for us it is not a problem.

    Installation Free
    from $54*
  4. Protected Servers

    Protected Servers

    The best way to protect any service is to be physically located behind the filter, without the overhead costs of traffic wrapping by tunneling, or loss of information about the client’s IP-address because of the proxy.

    We offer our own dedicated servers for rent, for placing them directly behind the filter, or the servers of partner companies for the convenience of our services usage.

    from $115*
  5. Managed servers

    Managed servers

    We offer the premium web hosting services, based on dedicated servers with servicing (Managed server). Such a hosting is necessary for data-hungry, requiring a large amount of computing resources projects (for example, sites with a large attendance or the performance of specific tasks).

    We will deal with the administration, so you can focus on running your business.

    from $96*