What is the protection against DDOS?

In our time, when the Internet and computers have come to every house, when a large number of untrained users have got the access to the complex and dangerous systems, it is very easy for the attacker to assemble his own botnet and start earning by the organization of DDoS attacks on a server on the Internet.

DDoS attacks have ceased to be the online bullies pampering; now it is a kind of business. People earn money by eliminating the competitor's website, so they constantly improve the methods of attacks, making them more sophisticated and difficult to deal with. To protect against DDoS a set of hardware and software filters are required, that can resist all known types of attacks, and it is necessary to monitor and maintain the relevance of the filter rules constantly. All the software that we use to protect our clients' projects is unique, it is made by the programmers of our company, and nobody knows it better than we do.

The scheme of distributed Antiddos cluster work

The advantages of Distributed Cluster Antiddos Hosting compared with the classic websites defense.

— The huge channel carrying capacity, thanks to the acquisition of channels in multiple data centers and service providers. By increasing the number of points of presence, the capacity of protection can be infinitely increased, without limitation of one datacenter.

— High reliability. Even the failure of a single point of presence will not stop the work of the whole system. The restore of full operation will take the least possible time.

— Power allocated to each website is significantly superior to that of even very expensive servers. Large attendance for us is not a problem.

— Complete coverage of all types of attacks on web sites. Protection with the hosting of the site on our cluster, as opposed to "proxy", allows a more detailed analysis of the users’ activity on the site, identifying DDoS bots, and the significant cluster power gives the site an opportunity to continue the work without any delay.

— High speed of pages loading. Due to the fact that a user accesses the closest web server, a fast page loading will be visible even "visually".