About us

Why you should use Pro-Managed?

The main activities of our company are dynamic DDoS protection with maximum coverage of all types of attacks and providing dedicated servers with the administration, the Managed servers.

We cooperate with many data centers to operate the resources of our clients, depending on the application, the server the client can be placed in the European data center, as well as in Russia or Ukraine.

Independent from data centers IP-adressess network allows us to create a geographically distributed systems, in which users will be automatically connected to the nearest web point for load balancing and increasing the reliability of the connection.

Quality work our IT department is guaranteed by international quality standard technical support with high SLA 99.9%.

Our principles

  1. Maximum ease of use of services
  2. Comfort for client
  3. Fully manual administration of critical systems
  4. The lack of overpayment for unnecessary features
  5. Flexible specifications
  6. Rates at Lowest prices in the market
  7. The introduction of modern technology - unique set of our services
  8. Advanced, high-quality support and advice to clients.