What is a game protection?

The popularity of online game Lineage 2 creates the competition between the owners of the servers. The bullying of the players may make it impossible for other players to play, that will lead to the financial losses of server owners. Now everyone can order DDoS attack, because it requires only ICQ and a couple of bucks. However, to defend against DDoS attacks Lineage 2 and such games is not a trivial task, because any delay or disconnection of the game will annoy the users.

To protect Lineage 2 from DDoS the set of hardware and software filters is required, that can resist all known types of attacks, and it is necessary to monitor and maintain the relevance of the filter rules constantly. All the software that we use to protect our clients' projects is unique, it is made by programmers of our company, and nobody knows it better than we do.

The scheme of work: